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Layered map, laser cut from cardboard

Layered map, laser cut from cardboard

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Layered map, laser cut from cardboard. They come in different sizes for your chosen location, made exclusively from ecologically sourced materials.

All maps have the following layers

  • Green for parks, forests, sport pitches etc
  • Blue for rivers, streams, sea, ponds etc
  • Red for residential and commercial areas
  • Orange for buildings
  • Black for railways
  • Grey for streets, paths, trails

All maps are custom cut - please indicate the area you'd like to see covered on the map - depending on the map size you choose a square with edges between 500m and 4500m - or a rectangle with the longest edge not exceeding 4500m by providing the center coordinates, a screenshot of Google maps, or name the corner points (street corners, coordinates, landmarks, points of interest). Here is a tool to help

Please get in touch should for different sizes.


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